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Please check the FAQ to see if we have answered your questions. If not, please feel free to phone or email and we will do our best to assist.

How can I make bookings?

Bookings can be made by phone or via email. If you email though, or leave a message when we don't answer, please ensure you receive confirmation of booking.

How long in advance do I need to book?

For much of the year, bookings can be made fairly close to the required event however, for school holiday bookings and in particular Christmas, we take bookings 12 months in advance so as soon as you know you are having holidays in those special times, ring / email etc and secure your booking.


Something has happened to change my plans - is there a CANCELLATION FEE? At Jovelles, we understand that things happen that can change your plans. We understand that this can happen at short notice. If your booking is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the book in date, a $50 cancellaton fee may be applied. If you have been able to give us more notice of cancellation, then there is no charge.

Payment - how can I pay?

Payment can be made with cash, cheques, EFTPOS or credit card [Visa or Mastercard]. If payment is by credit card, there is a small additional charge. Payment can also be made by Direct Deposit if required. Please ask for details. Naturally, payments made this way need to be completed well in advance of the collection of your cat / kitten after boarding.

Variation to collection and drop off times?

Although we try to maintain our opening hours, we can usually offer drop off / pick up out of those hours if planned well in advance. Please make arrangements such as this when booking or dropping off so that our days can be planned to include collections / drop offs out of the usual hours.

My cat is on medication - can you administer it and is there an additional charge?

After 45 years of cat breeding, we have become very experienced in administering medications, even to quite difficult cats. We are happy to administer medications as required for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE however if we need to have 2 people in attendance in order to safely medicate, there will be a small additional charge of $5 per dose. Thankfully, this is usually NOT needed.

What diet do you feed the cats?

We try to maintain a cats usual diet but as you can imagine, with the variety available today, this might be not only difficult but also can be very expensive. We use only quallity food products at Jovelles. We have fresh roo and beef meat, gourmet cans of food such as Purr, Dine, Fancy Feast etc. We also have Whiskas pouches and cans. We feed only premium biscuits which is usually a mixture of a general everyday biscuit mixed with hair ball and dental biscuit varieties. This suits the majority of cats but if your furr-person has a special requirement for his or her own biscuits, please bring them along. The same is the case for those who like to dine on prawns, fillet steak etc. We will provide foods such as lamb kidney etc if required but if your cats desires foods ourside of our usual menu, please bring it along and we can then maintain the same diet as you feed at home.​

My cat needs to be groomed regularly. Can you do this and is there an additional charge?

If you bring along your brushes and combs, we are happy to groom your cat daily for no additional charge. If you require more specialized grooming such as matt removal, bathing etc, this may be available at an additional charge.

What litter do you use?

At Jovelles. we use either Oz Pet or Kitter cat litter and trays. These are all-natural wood pellets that are very absorbent and are terrific for odour control. We find almost ALL of our guests are happy to use this system and they adapt to it very well. We also sell both the litter and trays so if you think you might like to use this in your home, just ask. While the trays are a little expensive to start with, they save you significant amounts of money on a day-to-day basis. Just ask and we can demonstrate how the system works and show you how you can save money using this system.

Vaccinations - Does my cat need to have had needles?

Cats and kittens who come ​to holiday at Jovelles need to bring along their current vaccination certificate when dropping them off. We will record the details on the boarding sheet and ultimately onto the computer so, once you have shown the certificate, you do not need to bring it again until there has been a booster administered.

Flea treatment - what are the requirements?

We request all cats and kittens coming to board be currently flea treated. Why? Because we don't want to get fleas in the cattery AND we don't want your cat to take them home again to your home. So, please apply a quality product such as Revolution. Advantage, Comfortis or similar to make sure your feline doesn't bring any friends along on holiday or when heading home. If we find a cat / kitten has fleas soon after booking in, we will be required to treat them and this will be billed to the owner.

My cat /kitten has not been desexed - can they come to board at Jovelles?

At Jovelles, we believe that ALL pet cats / kittens should be desexed so that they can be safe from unwanted litters, are less likely to roam and be caught up in fights with neighbouring cats and of course, they generally do not mark their territory [spray] when they are desexed. While we will accept kittens that have not been desexed, once they are adults [at 9 months of age], we require ALL boarders to be desexed. Be kind to your furr-person, desex them early

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